About us

Welcome to the Natural Selection!  A group of taxonomists who want to bring their passion for nature into the wild.

We release a podcast every Tuesday. Join us as we discuss the newest discoveries in the natural world, and cast an irreverent eye on what we learned about earth's varied life that week.

Check back regularily to find new blogs, vlogs and more!

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Nicolas Baird

Nicolas is a biologist, artist and dancer who grew up in rural Arizona and still checks his shoes for scorpions each morning. He's pretended to be everything from editor-in-chief of a literary journal, researcher at the Natural History Museum, writer for a health-care blog, naturalist in the Rocky Mountains, to education specialist at a space-age environmental research centre in rural Arizona. He currently lives in London, where his daily pleasures include reading, running, baking and listening to everything from Carly Rae Jepsen to the birds in his back garden.

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Naomi Lawless

When Naomi Lawless was eight she discovered David Attenborough’s book of birds in a local bookshop in her hometown of Galway, she spent hours perusing the pages and marvelling at the variety of amazing and wonderful animals hidden within. Since then she has been captivated by evolution and animal behaviour. She loves to ask questions and learn new things. This fascination with animals inspired her to do a zoology degree at  Trinity College Dublin. Following this she did an MSc in Taxonomy in London, where she is now living and working. Naomi wants to use science communication and public engagement to share her love of learning and nature with people and inspire the same passion in others.

In her spare time Naomi enjoys watching tv, reading, crafting and looking at pictures of cute dogs on the internet (ps. All dogs are cute dogs).

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Nick Dent

Nick Dent doesn’t really remember when he first fell in love with nature. It must have happened at some point, as he’s currently looking at a dried tree leaf that he left on his desk for later a few months back. He shouldn’t let this distract him though as he needs to explain himself to strangers on the internet. Having packed his bags at 18, he decided to leave his native Guildford, and get the train to Brighton to study Biomedical Sciences to try and be a doctor. After three years of study he eventually discovered he didn’t want to be a doctor. Nick instead decided to put his unrivalled ability to talk to the test and started working in visitor engagement in various museums in London.

After six years annoying museum visitors with useless facts, he thought he better actually study something he was interested in. He applied, and amazingly was accepted, to study an MSc in Taxonomy at Imperial. It was here he was partially responsible to the death of over 1000 beetles and at least two centrifuges, he also met the rest of The Natural Selection. Its been all downhill since. He’s quite good at table football, but he doesn’t like to show off.

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Olly Dove

Since running away from her parents at a farm when she was two years old in order to cuddle a sheep, Olly Dove has had a strong love for the natural world. This affection led to her studying Zoology at the University of Manchester, during which time she studied abroad in Australia. After her studies, she made her way back to Oz to work at an animal sanctuary and a cattle station, and has been itching to return down under ever since.

Sporty and creative in nature, Olly will either be found running around on a sports pitch, or sat at her laptop writing. To combine her adoration for animals and writing, Olly has used the outlet of various nature blogs and vlogs over the years to share this love. Her current work involves using footage filmed during a research trip to Madagascar last year, where she went to study the family lives of plovers.

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